Engineering Solutions

In Engineering and Manufacturing environments, achieving operational excellence depends on alignment among manufacturing, engineering, planning and collaboration processes. Our experience practice positions you for success. Using the latest solutions, we address the entire value chain-from conceptualization and design through manufacturing.

  • Motor Winding and Rewinding: We provide solutions to all kinds of Motors. The Winding and Rewinding is done for all kind of motors.
  • Supply of Control Panels.
  • Operation & Maintenance of Machinery such as suction Unit.
  • Manufacturing and Installation of S.S. Screen & Rack Carriage assembly.
  • Fabrication of EOT Cranes.
  • Supply of De-watering pumps.
  • Maintenance of Dredgers.
  • Installations Pumps, Screen, Rack Carriage assembly, Gates.

Mahabull Infra Engineers the Civil Arm for Accurate Enviro is founded on a profound thought that every stone should be laid down on a firm foundation, inspiring a better tomorrow by providing people with improved life and living standards. With inherent skills and resources to develop and execute high-value real estate projects within stringent compliances we can help you build communities. Our Construction arm " Mahabull Infra Engineers" provides Civil Solutions like:

  • Housing Constructions.
  • Construction of Pumping Stations.
  • Construction of Sauchalayas (Public Toilets).
  • Other Civil Constructions.